Getting the right person for a role is no easy task. Get it right and you can bring new ideas, enthusiasm and a level of synergy into your team that you never thought possible. Get it wrong and you risk unbalancing your existing team and alienating good people. We understand that.


At AMR, we really know our tax candidates. We know what drives them, how they work and how they interact with others. We like to think we know our clients just as well and we will invest time to understand your firm, your team and the environment in which you work.


The result is a unique combination of knowledge which takes the risk out of recruitment. We know what roles our candidates are looking for and are best suited to, and we know what sort of roles our clients can offer and the environment they work in. Put simply, when you can see all the pieces of the jigsaw, you are more likely to select the correct piece.


We are now one of the most highly respected taxation recruitment firms in the UK. With offices in Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester, our focus is primarily on the Midlands market, but we are increasingly becoming involved further afield as our reputation expands.


We would love to meet you, understand your business and discuss how we can help you build your team.


Please contact us for an initial confidential conversation.